Mikael Tobias is a Canadian musician, composer, producer and sound artist now based in Copenhagen, DK. His work covers an extensive range of sonic landscape, and has been heard internationally in various films, television shows, advertising campaigns, installations, on the web, onstage and on record.
Tobias is one half of electronic post-pop duo, HAPPYMOVIE, whose “Fits of Zen vol. 1 & 2” were released in 2016 on Montréal label, Art Not Love Records. He is the brains behind Flicker State, a project that seamlessly integrates live instrumentation with electronic sequencing and live looping, and whose second EP was funded by a FACTOR grant in 2014. He also produces techno and experimental electronic music under the moniker Tobiashi, and recently co-founded Practice, a serial investigation of the transcendental properties of elemental sound in the context of group meditation.
Tobias’s most recent project, ABSENTIA, is a solo album of immersive and cinematic instrumental music to be released under his own name in October 2017 on Copenhagen’s Unit Shifter Records.